Ian Ng was a Renaissance Man in high school, taking nearly half again as many credits as needed to graduate, spanning the hard sciences through art. Although he was an avid comic and manga reader and sometime collector in his youth, he gave up his dream to be a comic creator when he left high school, instead to pursue a more pragmatic career in engineering.

Pragmatism, while useful, is boring.

After over a decade of pursuing a BSc in Chemical Engineering at Cornell University and enough expired Microsoft certifications to make alphabet soup in Information Technology, he finally turned back to his love for comics and movies.

In 2006, he co-founded the Last Minute Poetry Club, a group of writers, primarily focused on screenwriting. Through this group, he cultivated his writing skills until the fateful day he and Mark created the concepts that would eventually become OMEGA PARADOX.

Residing in Los Angeles, CA, Ian eats everything, sings poorly in the car, and insists on spelling words in “the Queen’s English.”

Ian is the writer and editor for OMEGA PARADOX, which he co-created with Mark Sparacio.